Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Snafu is Fubar

Today we got a few details of when & where we are going. We're not allowed to reveal specifics, but the long & short of things is that we will be operating in the vicinity of the Sunni triangle, conducting engineer operations in direct support of the MEU. We're leaving Portland to marry up with another unit in southern Oregon on Friday morning, and scheduled to be in Iraq in late Jan/early Feb.

We're going through all kinds of tremendously exciting briefings, such as "Law of land combat", "Reservist Rights", and "Code of Conduct." No word yet on how to deal with being stuck around hundreds of smelly, oversexed 20 somethings in a country that you can't take porn to. While I can think of an option or two off the top of my head, none will be appealing until a few months into the deployment, when such thoughts begin to truly ripen.

I'll continue to keep everyone updated as I get word passed to me. Still no address, Alas, but soon.

(Todd A: Word, amigo. Glad someone got ahold of you, I either lost your email or never had it.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can't bring Porn? Am I still allowed to send you a naked pin-up poster of me?

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

remember Dave, if you hold their hand, you are engaged. Kiss on the cheek, you are married. And when she comes back to the states with you she brings her entire family and their goats. My apologies to the Iraqi people for the above comments (but it's true!)

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moe, he can't have any naked pictures over there. So send it to me instead!

The Central Scrutinizer

10:44 PM  

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