Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Not checkers but chess

Yesterday & today have been full of briefs. Everything from the law of land warfare (again) to IED (bomb) detection & convoy security operations. Our training schedule is fairly rigid, but still manageable. We'll be in the classroom for the rest of the week, and will begin field training first thing next week. Most of it will entail convoy operations.

I'm torn between the need to keep everyone in the loop, and the need to keep you from worrying too much. I've been considering both sides of the coin for the last couple days, especially as I get specific details about what exactly our mission will be and our area of operations. I don't want to put up the tough guy facade, saying things like "Yeah man, we're in the shit now." But the fact of the matter is, this is going to be pretty dangerous. The mission we are being tasked with is very different from my first go-around, but I decided last night that you guys have a right to know what is going to be happening. At least, the stuff I can tell you

I could put down paragraph after paragraph about how this isn't me trying to sound tough, or play the hero. But I think that those of you that know me are already aware of this. I don't want to sound like a whining reservist fuck, either. "But, but, but...I only joined for the college money!" I don't mind saying it: I'm a little scared. But to be percieved as a whiner? Fuck that.

And now, in the spirit of uplifting news, I know when I'm leaving. I can't say when, exactly, but it'll be before Valentine's Day. That means Valentine's will be spent in the desert. That means I get another Desert Valentine. It's going to be Cpl. Munson. I will cut up an MRE poundcake in the shape of a heart, and pledge my undying, eternal love for him until we DEROS. Sometime during the seven month deployment, I hope to consumate our love, utilizing apple jelly from an MRE as lubricant and chemlights in place of candles. It will most likely take place inside a bunker, but I will make reservations in the back of a 7-ton truck if time permits. Gosh. He's so hunky.

Three quick things before I take off:

#1 Kim, sorry I haven't been able to give you much info. It looks like we should get done fairly early tonight. If we do, I promise a phone call is coming your way this evening with some details.

#2 In addition to Kim, there are a lot of people I haven't emailed or called on the phone for awhile. I apologize, I really do, but there is a lot of shit to get done and a lot of deployment left. Except for immediate family members, don't count on hearing from me much. I wish it didn't have to be that way, but I have to keep my head in the game as much as possible. I'll make up for it when I get home.

#3 Waffles are delicious.

That's about all the useful gouge I have to pass for the time being. More later.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Marine home on emergency leave was at the gas station where I fill up the other night. He's been in Iraq for a while. He said the two sure signs you are about to be attacked are the presence of Al Jazeera reporters and burning tires.

Good to hear about the sunglasses and camelbacks. But what about the air conditioned underwear? Or are those just for active duty Marines?

You missed the big ice storm of '05 in Portland this past weekend. It was horrible. Everything shut down. Car accidents every half a mile. Nonstop live reports on KATU all day. The Bridal Show at the convention center was cancelled. There was like about a tenth of an inch of ice on the roads. And temperatures dropped all the way down into the 20s! It was like the end of the world!!!

I keep looking for a vehicle with the license REMF on the roads here...

Luke T.

10:19 AM  
Blogger Lcpl Hart said...

Hey Doody get luck. I remember a little saying that goes like this. "I am gonna call you while your at cold weather training and i am gonna be on my couch with my hands in my pants." Hart "I am gonna laugh when we get activated in january and you have to be active for another year." Doody "Yea right if that shits happeneing i am packing up and leaving and not answer the phone" Well it looks like you missed dodging this silver bullet that just tore your ass apart. Well I will think of you while i sit in my a/c and do our one a mont tampon change.lol Take it easy over there. kepp your head down and make us proud. Bring some rading materials for the shitter. i have a book want to send yoiu. it's a book called a table in the presence. its about Marine's encounters in Iraq when they first entered in the beginning. Well take it easy and I'll miss your comments at drill.

4:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are killin' me! I see that your wicked sense of humor is still intact. You've heard it a million times...keep your head down. I miss you already.

XOXOXOXO, but more importantly-XXX

2:05 PM  

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