Thursday, September 01, 2005


In the past 48 hours, two very important things have happened. First, we have moved to "tent city". Tent city is transition billeting. This is where we will spend the next couple weeks waiting for a flight to Kuwait, and from Kuwait back to the states. The tents are very hot during the day and extremely crowded, but at this stage in the game, nobody cares, because....

Operations have ceased. That's right. We are DONE. Finally. The only thing we're held to that even comes close to responsibility is taking a shower every day or two. My new schedule is something like this:

0900 - Sit up in bed, look around, smirk, lay back down.
1000 - Sit up in bed, look around, smirk, get up and go take a shower.
1100 - Read a book
1130 - Go to chow, get haircut (if applicable), head to MWR
1230 - Check email, play fooseball, pool or ping pong.
1500 - Go back to tent. Take afternoon nap.
1730 - Go to evening chow, head to MWR
1800 - Play video games, watch movie, get on internet & update blog.
2200 - Go back to tent. Watch suckers lose money at poker.
2215 - "Put in some money or get the fuck out of here."
2216 - Get the fuck out of there.
2217 - Watch a movie, read a book, listen to ipod.
0000 - Sleep.

Yeah, that's a pretty good schedule, right? Of course, I've been an advocate of that schedule since February. It's good to see the higher-ups admit when they've been wrong.

As always, I will put more word up as situations develop. If you've been following me for this long, you can make it another couple weeks, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you are almost done David. See you soon & bring on the steak dinner. And beer. And all of that.

10:16 AM  

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