Wednesday, February 16, 2005

That Old, Familiar Feeling

Well, I'm waiting on some whirlybirds here in Camp Victory, an Army base inside Kuwait. And I have to say, I feel like Alice gone down the rabbit hole. The army has fucking Baskin Robbins out here. And Pizza hut. And Hardees. And goddamned plush stuffed animals and WOODEN SHIPS in their PX. This is so weird, I'm looking forward to getting out to a FOB (Forward Operating Base).

And on the other hand, it feels like I never left. The wind, the dirt, the Bedouin Tents, the witful and deep graffiti in the shitters, it all came back in a split second. You will all be pleased to note that my readjustment time seems to be about zero. This is mostly due to the fact that there isn't a goddamn thing for miles around to adjust TO. Ah, vast desert expanses, how i have missed thee. No camel spiders, scorpions, or lizards have come around yet, I suspect Sid the Scorpion, after I so benevolently granted him his freedom a couple years ago, went and warned all his creepy-crawly little pals about me. So fuck you, Sid. I have seven months to find you. Insurgents? IEDs? I don't give tuppence about them. No, my search is for a traitorous little insect.

To answer a few questions from when I posted my address: Sending alcohol probably isn't a good idea. It's too hard to enjoy it when you're worried about being busted for it. If you're hellbent on giving me booze, you can buy me a drink when I get back.

Now about that porn: I'm pretty sure my DVD player is regional. I bought it in the states & all that. But as I've said before; Someone, somewhere, can use just about anything you send me. I'll bet there is a Marine out there somewhere with an international DVD player, just dying for german scat porn. So go ahead and send it. I'll find him, make the DVD a generous gift, and extort the ever-loving Sammy Hagar out of him when the time suits me.

If I can get online anytime soon at Al Asad, I'll be sure and post what I've got going on. Until then, my search for Sid continues.


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